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Welcome to Your Luxury, Leisure Lifestyle Boutique!

Hi! It's Me. It's V. Welcome to LACE AND LEISURE in Buffalo, NY. We actually go by L&L. Our Brand was born in Phoenix and raised in Buffalo. We opened are first boutique in Orchard Park, NY on 3/26/18. We moved our boutique to McKinley Mall in Buffalo, NY on 11/7/19. We opened our online store on 3/26/20. I cannot believe we are almost 4 years old. We have had so much support from many of you to keep this brand live.

At LACE AND LEISURE, we are Purveyors of your Luxury, Leisure Lifestyle. 

After spending 30 years in retail, having markets across the country, I placed a "to be continued"...on my career. I didn't wake up one day and decide to open up a boutique. This has been a life-long journey. 

We are a generational store. Moms, daughters, and grandmas love us. Our concept was created for the lifestyle of the Modern Fashionista, Mama on-the Go, the Chica going from Barre to Bar, the Stylish Bella, the college student that doesn't have enough hours in the day, the grannies, nanas, grandmas, and the girl that's getting her fashion grove on in middle school and high school. We are size inclusive starting at size 00-3X. 

We don't believe in Petite or Plus, we just believe in you. Curvy isn't a trend, Curvy has always been.

Okay, Nice to Know, but what does that really mean? 

We have the Workout Things to Work Out Things and the Underthings to go Under Things. Look out for our Fashion Capsules from Known Designers and Underground Fashion Mavens to edit your closet or refresh your style. 

Is there anything else that I need to know? 

Yes. In our online store, some of our styles will have "Pre-Sell" with a date in the description. This means that particular style is already ordered with a confirmed ship date and tracking #. Take advantage of Pre-sell. We don't buy any more than 2-3 sizes of any "one" style. We will then deliver or ship to you what you have purchased online in "pre-sell" within 24 hours of arrival into our store. We also have "online exclusive" styles that will ship from our warehouse on the West Coast. We are a fast-fashion brand and sell out quickly. We have straightforward pricing and don't mark up to mark down. We keep our cost low and pass the savings onto you! We're gonna keep retail, real. Our clients love us for that. See you soon, in-store or online.

Follow us on IG/FB: @laceandleisure_official. If we ever go live, it means that we have an important update for you or a Fashion Sell Live Event.

Bella V at L&L